1-  Press and hold "Power ON/OFF" for 2 seconds to turn on the SMOOTHY Curler 

2- Press "Menu" to select temperature, direction, ℃ / ℉ and timer one after the other and press "Adjustment" to set the value Temperature/Direction/Unit: ℃/℉/Timer

3- The appliance starts to heat after setting the temperature.

4- Comb through to remove all tangles and divide the hair into small sections 

5- Pass the hair section through the curler chamber and hold down the Start button to activate the motor that pulls the hair into the curler chamber.

6- Release the start button when you hear the first beep.

7- The automatic curl is completed when you hear the last beep. The number of beeps for the product corresponds to the set timer.

Tip: Alternate with the 2 directions for a harmonious effect!